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Here at BlueGoat we like to add a little twist to the norm. We offer a very special and unique hand held snack and that is Waffle pies! These are very fun and very unique. We also have small waffles that are just as yummy. 

Waffle Pies 
coming soon

Apple Brie (coming soon)

The waffle is stuffed with apples, brie cheese, and honey.

Plum Pie (coming soon)

This waffle is stuffed with plum jam and marshmallows. This flavor combo is more seen in Germany and Asia. 

Mini Waffles

Pumkin Spice 

This mini waffle is the shape of a pumpkin and tasty just like a pumpkin spice latte. 

Cookie and cream

These waffles are a great treat! They are made with basic waffle batter and have Oreos added to it! 'You can add marshmallow fluff on top! 

Plane Waffles 

These are just normal waffles! 

Bubble Waffle with Strawberries

Bubble Waffles

Coming soon!

These fun waffles will be here in the summer times. 

Batter option

We offer Gluten Free Waffles!

Seasonal Flavors 

Every season we will feature a special flavor for a limited time. For example pumpkin spice during the fall and autumn time. 

Seasonal Special


Gluten Free 

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